Let’s stop and take a deep breath together

At 2:50 PM EDT (18:50 UTC) Everyday

  • Because ongoing stress can lower immune response.
  • Because physical distancing can cause feelings of isolation.
  • Because probably the things on your plate can wait ten minutes.

Link leads to a Zoom webinar that opens about five minutes before 2:50 (you will be prompted to download the player if you do not have it):


  • When: Every day @2:50 pm EDT (18:50 UTC) for ten minutes.
  • How: Join in from your computer, phone or connected device.
  • Who: Everyone is invited to view. Or become a panelist.

How to participate

The webinar will open a few minutes early and a short introduction will be offered at the beginning.

  • See that you will not be interrupted for ten minutes.
  • Join at 2:45 @2:50 on mute and stay muted.
  • Sit relaxed and close your eyes, or observe the screen.
  • Observe your breathing and let it go in and out by itself.
  • Notice sensation in your body by scanning with your mind’s eye.
  • Count slowly or repeat an affirmation silently to yourself.
  • Visualize a relaxing scene or experience.
  • Quietly list people, experiences, or things you are grateful for.


If you wish to join on camera as a silent panelist for any day please leave your name and email address here and you will be invited from Zoom.

@250 is a voluntary support activity provided for free. The intention is to help anyone to reflect and recharge during a time of stress and uncertainty. No personal information is requested or recorded*. There is no prerequisite to join. Started on March 12 at MIT, the community is growing every day. Questions? email: arthur at arthurgrau dot com

*If you join by camera as a silent panelist, your name and likeness may appear live to a Facebook or Youtube stream for some @2:50 events. Streams may be recorded. Webinar viewers, not joining by camera, are never identified or recorded, except you may be verbally thanked by first name only for coming.

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As of 3 July 2020

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